Enrolling My Children In Performing Arts Classes

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What Do Kids Learn In Acting Classes?

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Many people enjoy television and movies every day. Some people even see live theater productions when they’re available. Each of these types of media is different, but they have one thing in common: they are stories brought to life by talented actors. Actors undergo special training to be able to portray a wide range of characters onstage or onscreen. It’s never too early for kids to start developing acting skills if they’d like a career in the performing arts one day. Read More»

Room For Everyone: The Benefits Of Dance Lessons

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Dance lessons are a popular way for many to seek a healthier lifestyle. While dance lessons were generally once only for those seriously invested in the performing arts, classes now exist for many types of students. From the young to the old, students everywhere now have the opportunity to seek lessons. With dance lessons, character-building qualities can also be grown. Here is a quick look into what to consider when taking a dance class and the benefits of lessons. Read More»

The Origins, Use, And Photography Of Japanese Noh Masks

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Japanese theater has a long history dating back to the 14th century. Of the three main types of traditional, Japanese theatre —  Kabuki, Noh, and Bunraku — Noh is the oldest form. Noh is a form of theatrical expression that involves the use of highly stylized masks by the performers.  What is a Noh mask? A Noh mask is typically made from hand-carved wood, clay, or even layers of paper, much like today’s paper mache. Read More»

How Dance Directors Help Films That Want To Integrate Great Choreography

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Creating fun and memorable films is often a difficult challenge for many directors. And those who want to integrate dance into their film as an exciting and engaging hook may find this process even more challenging. As a result, it is essential for directors in this position to understand when it may be time to outsource their dance work to a professional dance filmmaker. Dance Choreography Can Be a Challenge Read More»

Can Acting Classes Improve School Performance?

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When you’re looking for after-school or extracurricular activities for your child, you probably think of all the usual options like clubs, sports, and music lessons. But have you ever considered acting classes? Many parents who aren’t interested in getting their children into professional acting don’t consider acting classes as an extracurricular option, but it can have real benefits for your child, especially in school. Take a look at some of the ways that acting classes can improve your child’s school performance. Read More»

3 Reasons Dance Classes Are Just As Fun For Adults As Children

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When you think of dance classes, if you are like most adults, you will think of little children in tutus and leotards being instructed by a dance teacher in a small classroom with parents watching. However. dance classes are also available for adults and can be just as rewarding. If you are looking for a great way to spend your free time and have an interest in either classic or modern dance, it could be well worth the effort for you to scope out dance classes that are available in your area. Read More»

Ballet VS Hip Hop: The Art Of The Dance

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Ballet is a formal mode of dance that was first created in Europe, originally reserved for the cultured and wealthy. It spread to Russia where it soon became a worldwide sensation. On the other end of the spectrum is hip-hop, an American urban style of music and dance. The two are similar in some ways because they are both of form of self-expression and body movement. So what are the main differences, other than the music, between these two methods of dance? Read More»