Enrolling My Children In Performing Arts Classes

3 Reasons Dance Classes Are Just As Fun For Adults As Children

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When you think of dance classes, if you are like most adults, you will think of little children in tutus and leotards being instructed by a dance teacher in a small classroom with parents watching. However. dance classes are also available for adults and can be just as rewarding. If you are looking for a great way to spend your free time and have an interest in either classic or modern dance, it could be well worth the effort for you to scope out dance classes that are available in your area. Read More»

Ballet VS Hip Hop: The Art Of The Dance

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Ballet is a formal mode of dance that was first created in Europe, originally reserved for the cultured and wealthy. It spread to Russia where it soon became a worldwide sensation. On the other end of the spectrum is hip-hop, an American urban style of music and dance. The two are similar in some ways because they are both of form of self-expression and body movement. So what are the main differences, other than the music, between these two methods of dance? Read More»