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Ballet VS Hip Hop: The Art Of The Dance

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Ballet is a formal mode of dance that was first created in Europe, originally reserved for the cultured and wealthy. It spread to Russia where it soon became a worldwide sensation. On the other end of the spectrum is hip-hop, an American urban style of music and dance. The two are similar in some ways because they are both of form of self-expression and body movement. So what are the main differences, other than the music, between these two methods of dance? Read on to find out more.

Ballet Moves

The movements performed in ballet are fluid and soft. Dancers must exhibit extreme precision in all of their motions, using their muscles to create exact movements. Each dance must be performed to particular specifications as dictated by that particular ballet whether it is classical, neoclassical, or a modern style. Dancers who perform ballet must be a particular weight, physically fit, and be capable of exhibiting extreme precision in all of their movements. It is an highly competitive form of dance, where all of the participants must know how to move in perfect sync with each other. They must also present the mood of the music through their movements, and are held to an extremely high standard in each performance. Dancers must practice regularly in order to maintain these high standards and meet expectations.

Hip Hop

On the opposite end of spectrum is hip-hop, which is a world away from ballet's precise style. The music is free flowing and funky, and dancers can move in more creative and less restrictive ways. Hip hop also takes several different forms, from beat boxing and rap to looping and free-styling. And unlike ballet, the music in hip hop is modern and comes from urban experiences. Movements can differ between dancers and still fit the style without having to stay within the confines of any particular framework. Dancers can jump, flip, or even invent their own moves, giving it a creative vibe that is constantly changing with the times. Hip hop took off in the 1980's and it hasn't lost momentum since. It has only adapted to the changing culture and times. There is no conformity necessary in hop hop, and everyone can simply express themselves however they choose through their dance moves. Even though hip hop is quite different from ballet, both forms of music and dance give fans an outlet to enjoy the culture.

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